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When my schedule permits, I’ll write something and send it to your inbox. Most of the time, that something will not stick to sports.

If you’re interested in how the NCAA is essentially running the same scam on college athletes that Uber is running on its drivers, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re curious about how the football industry’s response to brain damage compares to the fossil fuel industry’s response to global warming, or how the Sports War on PEDs looks a whole lot like the bigger War on Drugs, or 1,001 other ways the sports world acts as a funhouse mirror to everything else, then you’ll like it here.

If you think that sports are magic, an escape, a magical escape, or otherwise Narnia, this probably isn’t for you. But don’t panic: there’s an entire multibillion-dollar industry eager to sell you stuff!

This is a place for all of the stories and ideas and topics I want to cover but can’t always get to in a formal, big-J journalism way. It’s also a place to have a closer and more immediate connection with readers, which I’ve found tough to establish and maintain without a permanent publishing home.

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And for the record, the “H” is silent. You probably guessed that already.

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