Welcome to Hreal Sports. I’m Patrick Hruby, Deputy Editor at Washingtonian magazine and a longtime writer, reporter, and editor who has worked at places like VICE, ESPN, and The Washington Times, and has published just about everywhere. (Thank you for the freelance check, Playboy).

I’ve used this newsletter to cover and share what I’ve been up to—as well as things I’ve simply wanted to write about—during a long period in which I’ve moved toward editing and away from covering sports. Hreal Sports been dormant for a while, and for the immediate future, it will remain that way. I’m (thankfully) pretty busy with my day job!

That said, I’d like to get back to sending stuff to your inbox at some point, and I’ll be keeping this site up in the meantime. You’re still very welcome to get in touch with comments, questions, story tips and suggestions.

Oh, and the “H” is still silent. You probably guessed that already.

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